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Sri Sai Lakshmi Borewells is the leading Borewell service company having a tremendous experience of over 30+years in the field. Being a Chennai based company, our services covers both in and around Chennai which includes all types of borewell drilling activities and solving water related issues for both commercial and residential purpose. We use latest equipment and methods for handling the service with the help of more experienced professionals. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of our company and our service speaks about our efficiency.

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We are the clients’ trustworthy & dedicated company doing the efficient Borewell Drilling Services to manage the water scarcity. We are using advanced technology & best methods for Borewell drilling process.

Slow rig drilling is handled manually with the help of a drill mast and it is either driven by diesel or power. Basically, it is deployed to drill a well when there is collapsible formation, and fix up casing. Our staffs are leading experts in providing the excellent slow rig services for the clients. We will give you the best slow rig drilling services with 100% satisfaction.

Air Compressor Flushing & Cleaning is one of the most important method used in Borewell Cleaning Services. We must to flush a borewell periodically for maximum yield and for borewell safety. Ground water may alter anytime & can get contaminated. This Air Compressor Flushing method is used for cleaning the borewell in an effective way.

With the help of our skilled and dedicated personnel, we offer the best Rebore Services. Reboring can be done on the existing borewells drilled in a place. Our quality based Re-boring Services are highly acknowledged for its quick time execution with greater flexibility. All these services are executed by utilizing the advanced machinery and tools. We are having a vast industrial experience & so we can able to do most of the requirements efficiently for the clients.

We provide Old Borewell flushing and cleaning services by using the air compressor with high pressure which extracts the waste materials from water. Sri Sai Lakshmi Borewells is a master in doing the borewell cleaning services in Chennai for its clients. We also advice the clients to do periodical flushing and cleaning for the borewell which improves the yield & safety of the borewell.

We are one among the top-rated borewell contractors in Chennai providing the flushing service at a reasonable cost fulfilling the customers’ needs.

Our Dewatering service provides several levels of services ranging from simple installation to a complete dewatering project. We use experienced professionals who are well versed in doing this dewatering service very effectively and efficiently. The project will be completed as per the scheduled time without any delay which satisfies the clients’ actual needs.

We are using advanced technology & best methods for Borewell drilling process.We are updated with the trends used for effective Borewell drilling services.

Our team members are highly dedicated in their work. They are experienced professionals who are experts in borewell drilling, rebore and flushing services.

We are expertise in borewell drilling, flushing, rebore & water conservation services. We are recognised concern for the best borewell drilling services in Chennai.