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We are the topmost recognized Borewell Service Company with more than 30 years of experience in Borewell and drilling services. We want to show the brightest moments in this intro video and talk about our advantages.

Sri Sai Lakshmi Borewells is providing the best borewell services in Chennai for the clients at the most reasonable price as per their needs. We are providing the excellent borewell, plumbing & rain water harvesting service with well experienced persons which makes us highly preferred by the customers. We are doing our current projects in and around Chennai.We are one of the leading borewell drilling contractors in Chennai.

Borewell Drilling Services

A bore well is a well of 4 1/2″, to 12″ in diameter which is drilled into the earth for retrieving water. From this 4 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ Bore wells are mostly used for Domestic purposes while 6 1/2″ & more in diameter are for Commercial / Industrial purposes.

Slow Rig Drilling

Slow rig drilling is handled manually with the help of a drill mast and it is either driven by diesel or power. Basically, it is deployed to drill a well when there is collapsible formation, and fix up casing. Our staffs are leading experts into drilling services.

Hydraulic Power Drilling

In this type of drilling service we highly use fluid power in the Hydraulic Rigs to work more quick and efficient which are otherwise called as Cyclone Rigs or Superfast Hydraulic Power Rig Drilling and We are pioneer in providing this service.

What we offer

best borewell service


We have well-experienced borewell drilling operators who are experts in providing the best borewell drilling services for our esteemed clients. We are a unique company in providing excellent Borewell services for our clients.
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Hydraulic Compressor(FLUSH)

A hydraulic pump is basically a mechanical source of power which converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy.
rain water harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Our company is the best in providing the excellent rain water harvesting service for our clients and we also educate them about the importance of rain water harvesting.


We supply and sell the high-quality natural stones. The high-quality pebbles in different sizes that we sell are also used for decorating purposes and can be customized by customers requirements.

Our tools

drill bits

Drill Bits

We are using drill bits for drilling a bore in a new place and further continuation of the borewell project.

Borewell Hammer

DTH Borewell Hammers are extensively used for down-the-hole drilling purpose.These DTH hammers are heavy duty hammers that will be used at greater depths by less air usage.
drill rods

Drilling Rods

It is widely used for boring which extracts water. It is highly used in our project which is a very important water borewell accessory.

Rod Spanner

These rod spanners are used for tightening and dismantling of drillrods, hammer and the bits. These are the mostly used and long lasting spanner used in our projects.
rod spanner


Read our latest blog news. Our Blog includes more useful information regarding borewell services and other various methods in relation to borewell&conservation of water.

The viewers can read our blogs & gain some useful knowledge about groundwater and drilling borewell services.